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Closed Eyes

Shooting well consistently with a compound bow depends largely on muscle memory. The more you think about a shot, the more likely you are to mess something up.

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Mastering The Perfect Grip

Watch as World Champion and Mathews Pro shows you how to perfect your bow grip and shoot more accurately.

Tip # 20

“When learning to shoot instinctive, begin shooting at moving targets with flu-flu arrows. Flu-flus will ensure recovery of all the shots you will miss. Your brain will learn a lot quicker and will train your body how to proficiently hit the center of moving targets. You won’t have time to aim. Your brain takes over and eventually calibrates the shot for you.”

Tip #107

Proper Shooting Form

Lancaster Archery Supply reviews the fundamentals in proper shooting form.

Tip #2

“The most crucial part of accurate shooting is hand to bow fit. Wherever you put pressure from hand to bow, it will effect your left to right or up and down. Low pressure will create high arrows, high pressure will create low arrows, inside or outside pressure will create left or right arrows. Your knuckles should be at a 45 degree angle and the center of the grip should follow the life line in your hand. Place your hand in this position and let the bow pressure your hand.”

How to Paper Tune Your Bow

How to Paper Tune Your Bow

Tip #22

“Your release hand should come straight back and touch your shoulder.”

Bend at the Waist & Increase Accuracy At Sharp Angles

Mathews Minute Bend at the Waist

Mathews Minute Bend at the waist

Tip #36

“Shoot every shot without fear of missing.”

The Importance of Muscle Memory in Executing More Accurate Shots, More Often


Use this simple practice technique to execute more accurate shots, more often!


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