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Tip #100

“If deer are detecting the flash or noise of your scouting camera, place it about 10 feet off the ground and angle it down. You won’t get as much coverage, but the camera will go undetected far more often.”

Gregg Ritz

Tip #1

“I look for secluded areas a trophy buck will go to water. Often, mature bucks will hit water sources on their way to their feeding grounds.”

Chad Schiermeier

Tip #21

“Pattern what the animals are doing at specific times of the day. Then, look at their feeding and bedding areas. Know their escape routes and the way the winds are blowing into those areas.”

Benny Collins

Tip #37

“If it is legal in your state, establish a mineral lick in May (or earlier) on your hunting property and monitor it with trail cameras. This will show you the bucks that will be in your area come archery season.”

Tip #39

“I think about my approach to a hunting area even before I think about stepping foot into the woods to choose stand sites.”

Jay Ellioff

See more bucks on your trail cam pictures

See more bucks on your trail cam pictures by opening them in an editing program. Adjust the exposure or brightness to illuminate the big boys in the background. That photo of a doe just might reveal a buck of a lifetime.

Remain under the whitetails radar

While looking for a place to hang your scouting camera, look for heavily used trails leading to pinch points that choke deer movement into a confined area; increasing the likelihood that you will capture useful images.

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Jason Sebo

Tip #48

“Many hunters utilize Google Earth. If you click on the clock icon at the top of the menu bar, a time line will appear. Drag the cursor back a few years and you’ll notice a change in the image. Look for images that were taken during the fall or winter and in black and white. This will allow you to see creek bottoms and fine tune your stand location.”

Tip #58

“Scout where thick cover meets more open areas. It doesn’t have to be a field. It can be open hardwoods. Big bucks love to travel these edges looking for does.”

Tip #61

“I always start scouting with the outer perimeter of the property looking for well-used trails. I also like to walk any creeks or ditches looking for good intersections. Once you find the bedding areas it is wise to avoid disturbing them.”


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