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Tip #106

“The use of ground blinds for deer hunting is really exploding in popularity.  I find myself using them more and more and really enjoy being on the ground and at eye level.  They also give you opportunities to hunt areas where tree stands are not an option.  One of the biggest challenges with being on the ground however, is scent control.

On a bow hunt in Kansas last fall, I was hunting a ground blind on the edge of an open field.  The wind switched and was blowing our scent directly into our planned shooting zone.  The cameraman and I made a point to spray the inside of the blind with H.S. Scent A Way spray every 15 minutes or so.  As luck would have it, a few fawns began to appear down wind from us.  Then a turkey appeared.  Eventually a nice buck stepped out at about 35 yards away and had no clue that we were there.  After letting the arrow go with my Z7, the rest is history.

By going through the steps necessary to be scent-free, I was able to out smart a nice deer this time.  I started with a scent-free shower, an anti-microbial base layer and clothing washed in scent-eliminating detergent.  I also sprayed from head to toe with scent eliminating spray before heading into the field.  What I have realized is that as you sit inside the blind you will emit odor from places like your mouth, hair, hands, etc… .  Following up your normal scent-elimination routine with a few little extra precautions can be the difference between failure and filling your tag.  Next time you head out to your ground blind, give it a try and it might be just what you need to outsmart one for yourself.”

Tip #102

“Less is more. Instead of buying different cover scents and hoping they match the aroma of where you will hunt make it a point to be scent free. From the soap you use to your clothing & hunting boots. Forgot to pick up your favorite scent free detergent? Use a small box of Baking soda per load. Keep your clothes scent free in a scent free bag between outings. Remember animals won’t alert to what is NOT there!”

Jamie Adams

Tip #18

“I break up a few pine, cypress, bay, or other strong smelling leaves that grow in my hunting area and then rub my feet in the leaves before going in to my stand.”

Derome West

Tip #41

“To maintain a scent free hunt, I dress in the field and keep my clothes in a scent free container. Before reaching into the container, I spray my hands down to reduce transferring any odors that may be on my hands onto my clothing and gear.”

Ryan Smith

Tip #24

“In hilly terrain, hunt higher up ridges above major trails in the mornings, and below those same trails in the afternoons. This way you can use the rising morning, and falling afternoon thermals, to push scent away from deer.”

Gregg Ritz

Tip #34

“During late-season hunts, a ground blind is often more effective at concealing the hunter and controling scent than a treestand.”

Tip #4

“A lot of hunters do most everything right when it comes to scent control. But the one thing that people forget to do is wash their towels in Scent free detergent, too.”

Tip #51

“Keep it simple. Play the wind, and take an approach to your stand that will prevent the most amount of deer from smelling you.”

Daniel Young

Tip #60

“If you are going to use a decoy this year, make sure you wash the decoy with a scent-free soap and do not handle it without wearing gloves. After I wash it, I leave mine in the area I am going to hunt a couple of weeks ahead of time so it gets weathered. I hide it in the brush or deadfall so the deer do not see it until I am ready to use it.”

Tip #64

“Don’t forget about your breath when it comes to scent control. Where a facemask that captures breath odor.”

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