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Jay Ellioff

Gather all the evidence at the scene

After shooting your deer treat the area where the shot was made as an investigation. Gather all the evidence at the scene and then decide how to proceed from there.

Gary Clancy

Tip #10

“Three tips that will make getting permission easier: One, know the name of the landowner. Two, do it early. Three, offer to trade a few days of farm work for the privilege of hunting.”

Tip #11

“If you have a little remote clearing in one of your bowhunting spots, you can turn it into a deer magnet by planting an alfalfa and clover blend seed mix that doesn’t require any plowing or heavy equipment to plant.”

Tip #12

“Use a short piece of yarn tied to your stabilizer for a wind indicator.”

Tip #13

“Hunting ultimately isn’t supposed to be about scoring the largest rack. It’s supposed to be about having fun. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself that it drains the fun from hunting.”

Tip #110

How to Score Your Big Buck or Elk with Stan Potts

Stan Potts, Host of Dominant Bucks, shows you how to score.

Tip #46

“You’ve got to be in the woods. You can’t kill deer by staying at home watching television or surfing the internet.”

Gary Clancy

Tip #47

“Most of the time, bow hunting is a one-shot deal. But if you bow-hunt long enough, there will be times when you might be able to get off a second arrow. Practice for this scenario or you’re bound to blow it.”

Tip #56

“When whitetail hunting from a tree stand, always keep track of the wind. It’s always changing, and most mature bucks will be walking into it.”

Tip #57

“Always be sure to tune your broadheads so they fly exactly like your field points. The broadhead should spin perfectly with no wobble. If it doesn’t, rotate the insert inside the arrow shaft slightly and spin again.”


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