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Using a Heat Source to Stay Warm

Using a Heat Source to Stay

Using a Heat Source to Stay

Hunt deer with the same stealth that a big buck uses

Hunt deer with the same stealth that a big buck uses. Plan entries and exits in hunting areas and use all available resources to remain undetected. A good way to learn this is to follow a buck track in the snow. Learn how a buck uses the terrain and wind to move about in his daily activity. What can be learned here is of great importance.

Make the Shot: How to Deal With Nerves When Under Pressure


Ever wonder how some of the top pro’s keep it together when that buck of a lifetime is in front of them? Learn how they deal with nerves and how to overcome them.

Tip #17

“Always double-check your hunting regulations. Expandable broadheads are still illegal in a few states. It’s our responsibility to follow all game laws.”

Tip #16

“Food sources and patterns change throughout the season. Change your hunting tactics and stand placements with them to be in bucks from the opener to the close.”

Keith Burgess

Tip #26

“Use a buddy calling system, this is a buddy that can back up 75 to 100 yards and call the animal past you for a broadside shot.”

Tip #109

Pre Rut

The Pre-Rut transition for whitetails and how to capitalize on it with Deer & Deer Hunting.

Tip #32

“I like to place my decoy 20 to 25 yards out in an open field in front of me and quarter the decoy toward my position. Normally when a buck comes in to a buck decoy he tries to circle downwind of the decoy and approach its head. This places the buck between me and the decoy.”

Tip #112

Lockdown Time of Rut

Three phases of the Rut and a closer look at the Lockdown Phase with Deer & Deer Hunting

Tip #119

Deer Vision

Deer & Deer Hunting reveal truths from myths about Deer Vision.


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