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Seated Position Shooting

Do you practice shooting your bow from a seated position? Most bowhunters don’t, and most bowhunters will get caught flat-footed, or maybe we should say flat-bottomed, at some time during the season.

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Tip #19

“Practice shooting your bow at two to three times farther distances than you plan on shooting at a deer. When you can stack tight arrow groups at 60 yards in practice, shooting a buck at 20 yards seems much, much easier.”

Ezekiel Pipher

Tip #23

“Don’t pull the bow away quickly to watch the animal. Continue to look at the sight picture.”

Tip #3

“Practice archery shots on 3-D targets and always shoot odd yardages. Practice using the 30 yard pin to shoot at 27 or 35 yards. Rarely is a big-game bowshot at an even yardage.”

Tip #35

“If you peep sight moves even the slightest it can greatly affect your accuracy. Use a drop of white out to mark you peepsight location.”

Roger Patton

Tip #46

“Make sure your bow has light enough poundage so that you can make a smooth draw in an awkward position in a tree stand if needed.”

Tip #50

“The pressure and nervousness encountered while at tournaments is a lot like the pressure and nervousness encountered while getting ready for a shot at a big buck. Attend local shoots so you can learn to deal with the nervousness and excitement and still make a good shot when the pressure is on.”

Tip #63

“Make sure your draw length isn’t to long. Especially in late season when you have on heavier bulky clothing. Its better to have draw length a little on the short side than to long.”

Mike Weinkauf

Tip #77

“When the moment of truth is upon you, focus on an area in the vitals the size of a quarter. This will help you control your excitement.”

Tip #86

“If you shoot a 30-inch draw length,take it down to a 28- or 29-inch draw. You will find that it is a lot easier to control and hold your draw. Your anchor point and arm will be in a better position to help you become a better shooter.”


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