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Extra Release

Backup plan

If you use a release aid when shooting a bow and most bowhunters do, You should consider carrying an extra release while hunting. Ideally, it should be identical to the release you’re currently using, but any functional release that fits similar to your everyday model will work.

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Eliminating a few pins

I’ve never understood the need to complicate bow shots from a treestand by carrying 5 or more pins in my sight housing. Sure, that many aiming points may have their place where shooting distances run the gamut, but bowhunting whitetails from above ground is not one of them.

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Which Release is right for you?

With so many choices on the market today, how do you know what release is the right release for you?

There are many different kinds and several manufacturers to choose from. Like most other archery components, it all comes down to preference and the one YOU feel comfortable using.

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Tip #15

“Always wear some type of safety harness when you are going to hunt from any type of elevated position. No exceptions. Keep safety as the number one priority.”

Tip #104

“Packing a backpack can be a nightmare. Keep things dry and conserve space by putting your items in a Foodsaver freezer bag. An extra dry t-shirt, toiletries, and matches can come in awful handy if you find yourself in the woods over night or just plain cold.”

Always keep a rangefinder handy

No matter what type of hunting you are engaged in you should always keep a rangefinder handy. While treestand hunting, they are a great tool to help you establish landmarks that coincide with particular yardages.

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Tip #27

“Extra wool socks, gloves, and a balaclava can be life-savers on cold-weather hunts.”

Tip #29

“Cleaning binocular glass with a nonabrasive toothpaste will help limit lens fogging in areas where moisture is a problem.”

Accurate broadhead

No matter what broadhead you choose, make sure that it is accurate. That may sound like elementary advice, but I am constantly amazed at the number of bowhunters who fail to test shoot their broadheads before opening day.

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Tip #103

“Mosquito Madness? When you absolutely need SOMETHING so you are not swinging your arms frantically at the bugs try a small meshed bug suit with a hood that has black mesh at the face (it is easier to see through) Avoid smelly sprays that will be detected by game and are not good for your skin.  A good bug suit will keep the bugs at bay and help you to sit longer. Remember Swatting hands = Unfilled tag.”

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