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Tip #114

How to Improve Your Shooting

Jeff Hopkins on how to judge distance and improve accuracy.

Chad Schiermeier

Tip #21

“Pattern what the animals are doing at specific times of the day. Then, look at their feeding and bedding areas. Know their escape routes and the way the winds are blowing into those areas.”

Ezekiel Pipher

Tip #23

“Don’t pull the bow away quickly to watch the animal. Continue to look at the sight picture.”

Jay Ellioff

Create a story to set up a buck.

Create a story to set up a buck.  Tell a story that only a buck can understand by using multiple calls, rattling, and decoying.  Just build it as you go. It’s your story you tell it; set the stage for a buck to be the star in your show.

Tip #16

“Food sources and patterns change throughout the season. Change your hunting tactics and stand placements with them to be in bucks from the opener to the close.”

Ryan Smith

Tip #24

“In hilly terrain, hunt higher up ridges above major trails in the mornings, and below those same trails in the afternoons. This way you can use the rising morning, and falling afternoon thermals, to push scent away from deer.”

Tip #25

“I always carry a few acorns, or imitation acorns, to send through the tree branches to the forest floor to increase my chances of calling up a buck. Dropping acorns works best if you can drop them through some leaf covered branches, or onto another limb below your stand so as to add to the sound of acorns raining down.”

Keith Burgess

Tip #26

“Use a buddy calling system, this is a buddy that can back up 75 to 100 yards and call the animal past you for a broadside shot.”

Always keep a rangefinder handy

No matter what type of hunting you are engaged in you should always keep a rangefinder handy. While treestand hunting, they are a great tool to help you establish landmarks that coincide with particular yardages.

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Tip #27

“Extra wool socks, gloves, and a balaclava can be life-savers on cold-weather hunts.”


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