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Tip #102

“Less is more. Instead of buying different cover scents and hoping they match the aroma of where you will hunt make it a point to be scent free. From the soap you use to your clothing & hunting boots. Forgot to pick up your favorite scent free detergent? Use a small box of Baking soda per load. Keep your clothes scent free in a scent free bag between outings. Remember animals won’t alert to what is NOT there!”

Gary Clancy

Tip #10

“Three tips that will make getting permission easier: One, know the name of the landowner. Two, do it early. Three, offer to trade a few days of farm work for the privilege of hunting.”

Tip #11

“If you have a little remote clearing in one of your bowhunting spots, you can turn it into a deer magnet by planting an alfalfa and clover blend seed mix that doesn’t require any plowing or heavy equipment to plant.”

Tip #36

“Shoot every shot without fear of missing.”

The Importance of Muscle Memory in Executing More Accurate Shots, More Often


Use this simple practice technique to execute more accurate shots, more often!

Jamie Adams

Tip #18

“I break up a few pine, cypress, bay, or other strong smelling leaves that grow in my hunting area and then rub my feet in the leaves before going in to my stand.”

Hunt deer with the same stealth that a big buck uses

Hunt deer with the same stealth that a big buck uses. Plan entries and exits in hunting areas and use all available resources to remain undetected. A good way to learn this is to follow a buck track in the snow. Learn how a buck uses the terrain and wind to move about in his daily activity. What can be learned here is of great importance.

Make the Shot: How to Deal With Nerves When Under Pressure


Ever wonder how some of the top pro’s keep it together when that buck of a lifetime is in front of them? Learn how they deal with nerves and how to overcome them.

Derome West

Tip #41

“To maintain a scent free hunt, I dress in the field and keep my clothes in a scent free container. Before reaching into the container, I spray my hands down to reduce transferring any odors that may be on my hands onto my clothing and gear.”

Tip #12

“Use a short piece of yarn tied to your stabilizer for a wind indicator.”


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