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Make the Shot: How to Deal With Nerves When Under Pressure


Ever wonder how some of the top pro’s keep it together when that buck of a lifetime is in front of them? Learn how they deal with nerves and how to overcome them.

Kelly Ray

Tip #40

“Always take into consideration the size of your string loop when determining your proper draw length. The loop will usually add ½ inch.”

Tip #114

How to Improve Your Shooting

Jeff Hopkins on how to judge distance and improve accuracy.

Freddy Harteis

Tip #38

“I always mount a camera on my bow to record my follow through after each shot. This also adds a little extra weight to the bow which helps build my endurance and trains me to not drop my arm.”

Tip #113

How to Measure Proper Draw

Lancaster Archery Supply reviews the basics in finding the proper draw length.

Tip #49

“Keep a log of shooting flaws or problems during the season. It often takes thousands of repetitive shots to correct these problems. Work on them during the off season. There are often fellow shooters that have dealt with these problems and can offer suggestions that have worked for them.”

Determining the Right Draw

Determining the Right Draw

Tip #62

“Hold your sight pin on the target until the arrow hits. A common mistake shooters make is that they move the bow while the shot is being fired, which causes the arrow to miss its mark. Remember to focus on the target and follow through.”

Tip #87

“I never aim directly at the 12-ring if the target is over 35 yards. Aim just above it and don’t force yourself to be perfect on yardage. It could save you points.”

Tip #116

Head Games

Head Games with Mathews Pro Darrin Christenberry on why a mental strategy is important.


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