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Tip #111

Stay Hidden While Hunting Elk

Phil Phillips, Co-Host of Summit’s High Places on how to increase shot opportunities when chasing elk.

Gary Clancy

Tip #6

“Between opening day and about Oct. 20, you have an excellent chance of bringing a doe or two to you by using a fawn bleat call. Don’t be shy when you do use a fawn bleat. You want to put some emotion into it, because you are trying to sound like a fawn in trouble.”

Tip #65

“Take plenty of snacks into the stand for a long day. Nothing makes your hunt more miserable than sitting there hungry for long hours waiting on a big buck.”

Tip #118

Aging Deer

Whitetail Biologists from Deer & Deer Hunting discuss how to age whitetail and tips for diagnosing their true age.

Tip #115

How to Stop a Moving Buck

Melissa Bachman shows you how to successfully stop a moving buck.

Benny Collins

Tip #43

“When archery season opens find the very best food and the big bucks will be there. Soft mast apples, pears, persimmons, or well established food plots are favorites.”


Tip #80

A good trick during the pre-rut is to go to another property and find a well used scrape with lots of urine in it. Collect the dirt and place it in a good scrape on your property and that scrape will come to life.”

Tara L. Seiler

Tip #85

“Right after a big snowfall, take your snowblower or tractor out and clear off an area in your food plot close to your stand. Deer tend to go to the plowed section because they don’t have to work so hard at getting food.”

Tip #108

Western Hunting Tips

Phil Phillips, Co-Host of Summit’s High Places on how to prevent altitude sickness and the best bow for climbing the mountains.

Fred Abbas

Tip #90

“Many hunters ignore scrapes during the heat of the rut thinking the bucks are chasing live does. However, any strange buck wandering into an area will seek out scrapes to learn all of the local information.”


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