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Use a peep sight with a large opening

When hunting older-class whitetails you should expect some shot opportunities to occur at first and last light. Outside of the rut, most mature bucks don’t make a habit out of cruising during daylight hours. Your whitetail bow should be set up to deal with this inevitable fact. The best way to do that is to use a peep sight with a large opening.

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Tip #31

“We practice at longer distances than we shoot deer (100 yards for Lee, and 60 for me). This really helps fine tune our shooting form.”

Don’t get caught up in the speed craze

Speed kills. There is no arguing that fact. However, don’t get caught up in the speed craze to the point that you choose arrows that are a little too weak for your set up;

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Tip #105

“Hunting closet over stuffed? At the end of the season categorize your hunting clothes by warm to cold weather clothing and store them in Space Bags. You will be amazed at how much room you will have in your closet after your “Puffy” clothes have been “sucked down” and stored. Bonus- this also helps to keep them from absorbing all kinds of scent the rest of the year.”

Gregg Ritz

Tip #44

“Take the time to tighten all of the screws on your accessories, and take the critical measurements of your peep sight, nock point, and kisser button in the event you knock something out of place in the field.”

Tip #54

“Things such as aerial maps, regulations and state owned land can all be seen on smart phones. Take advantage of that and use it to make you a better hunter.”

Tip #68

“It is impossible to make your equipment too quiet for hunting. This is not limited to just your weapon.”

Thomas Allen

Tip #7

“You can’t beat a good pair of boots: Spend the money.”

Tip #81

“Your release only has two places to go; on your wrist, or secured around the grip of your bow riser.”

Tip #92

“A sharp broadhead kills quicker. Tissue cut with dull broadheads will clot faster resulting in animals traveling farther. Inspect new and old blades alike with a magnifying glass to make sure you have a good edge.”


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