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“TOPO” Maps

I use to think that odd-looking “TOPO” maps were just a waste of time. I mean, all I really cared about was finding the hottest sign and throwing up a stand somewhere nearby.

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Using a Heat Source to Stay Warm

Using a Heat Source to Stay

Using a Heat Source to Stay

Closed Eyes

Shooting well consistently with a compound bow depends largely on muscle memory. The more you think about a shot, the more likely you are to mess something up.

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Extra Release

Backup plan

If you use a release aid when shooting a bow and most bowhunters do, You should consider carrying an extra release while hunting. Ideally, it should be identical to the release you’re currently using, but any functional release that fits similar to your everyday model will work.

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Jay Ellioff

Gather all the evidence at the scene

After shooting your deer treat the area where the shot was made as an investigation. Gather all the evidence at the scene and then decide how to proceed from there.


Mastering The Perfect Grip

Watch as World Champion and Mathews Pro shows you how to perfect your bow grip and shoot more accurately.

Seated Position Shooting

Do you practice shooting your bow from a seated position? Most bowhunters don’t, and most bowhunters will get caught flat-footed, or maybe we should say flat-bottomed, at some time during the season.

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Tip # 20

“When learning to shoot instinctive, begin shooting at moving targets with flu-flu arrows. Flu-flus will ensure recovery of all the shots you will miss. Your brain will learn a lot quicker and will train your body how to proficiently hit the center of moving targets. You won’t have time to aim. Your brain takes over and eventually calibrates the shot for you.”

Eliminating a few pins

I’ve never understood the need to complicate bow shots from a treestand by carrying 5 or more pins in my sight housing. Sure, that many aiming points may have their place where shooting distances run the gamut, but bowhunting whitetails from above ground is not one of them.

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Which Release is right for you?

With so many choices on the market today, how do you know what release is the right release for you?

There are many different kinds and several manufacturers to choose from. Like most other archery components, it all comes down to preference and the one YOU feel comfortable using.

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