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The Mathews Passion is specifically engineered and designed for the female archer. Featuring draw weight options from 30-70 pounds, the 29 3/4-inch axle-to-axle Passion weighs only 3.6 pounds—the ideal weight so that any woman archer can be comfortable with. With draw length options between 22.5-29 inches (half-inch sizes also available) the cam specific Passion includes special colored Zebra Barracuda strings, Mathews’ proprietary Harmonic Damping System, the Harmonic Stabilizer, String Suppressors, Perimeter Weighted Solocam, Ball Bearing Roller Guard, a small, color matched Inline Walnut Grip, and Mathews’ pioneered parallel limb design- all the tricked out features you would expect to see on a Mathew premier bow. Available in three different functional and modern chic-styles- Pink, Teal, Camo or Electric Pink.
“We set out to make a bow specifically for the female shooters- gone are the days when lady archers have to adapt to other bows not made with their needs in mind.  They deserve something that not only fits them perfectly, but is stylish—after all; we want as many women out there to share the passion for the outdoors as possible.”
-Matt McPherson

Founder &  CEO of Mathews, Inc.

Electric Pink Passion Aim for a Cure

Since 2008, sales of the Pink Lemonade Genesis, Electric Pink Ignition and Passion bows has generated over $150,000 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these pink bows will also go towards Aiming For a Cure and the fight against breast cancer.

MSRP+ $869.00
IBO Rating
Up to 325 fps (29" at 70 lbs) 
Brace Height
Draw Weight
40, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 lbs 
Bow Weight
3.6 lbs** 
Draw Lengths
22.5" - 29" 
Half Sizes
22.5" - 28.5" 
String: 86 1/4" Barracuda | Cable: 32 1/2" Barracuda 

* All specifications are approximate.

** Without accessories.

+ Base Price as featured in Lost Camo

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When it comes to purchasing a new bow, you want to make sure that everything is done right. From the proper selection of the bow itself, right down to the last accessory attached, everything must be done with one goal in mind….to make your shooting experience enjoyable and effortless all while increasing your accuracy and confidence. Getting set up right isn’t that difficult- that is, if you have someone that knows what they’re doing!

At Mathews, we go to great lengths to select only knowledgeable, service-oriented, “full-time” retailers who demonstrate a passion for archery and bow hunting. By doing so, we can offer the highest quality buying experience for our customers. When visiting your local Mathews retailer, you can expect service that is second to none; service you won’t find anywhere else. It’s the little things like personal attention, and a knowledgeable staff that make a big difference. It’s what makes buying a Mathews different. Visit your local retailer and experience it for yourself.

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Without String Suppressors bow strings would whiplash back and forth between the cam and idler wheel upon release. String Suppressors deaden that vibration making for a much quieter and smoother shot.
While they've become the visual identifier of a Mathews bow, Harmonic Dampers are weights that float in an elastomer wheel to absorb recoil vibration in the riser. The reduction in recoil vibration is so significant in this Mathews technology that is has been licensed for use in other industries.
Perimeter-Weighted Technology, yet another Mathews innovation, features a metal Inertia Dis strategically placed on the perimeter of the cam. As the bow limbs fire, the Inertia Disc catapults in the opposite direction, counteracting the limb momentum and resulting in dramatically decreased recoil and noise.
Traditional cable rods were subject to unwanted friction. The roller guard, another Mathews first, dramatically reduces system friction by guiding bow cables with low friction wheels.
Parallel Limbs are yet another Mathews innovation that has been adopted by other bow companies. The more parallel a bows limbs, the more they tend to cancel each others recoil and vibration resulting in a smoother shooting bow. Available in several different functional and modern, chic styles - Pink, Teal or Camo.
The SlimLimbs on a Mathews bow ride on these spindle-shaped limb turrets, which spread the load and cradle the limbs
Spherelock is our cutting-edge positive-locking limb cup system. Its trim, lightweight and pivots to ensure constant and positive downward limb pressure.
Mathews revolutionary SE4 Composite SlimbLimbs represent another industry first. Thanks to our proprietary SE4 Composite material, the limbs on the latest Mathews are dramatically thinner and substantially stronger. In fact, cycling tests proved SlmbLimbs to be twice as strong. Mathews once again proves that less is more!
Another exciting innovation from Mathews. Passion QCA's are colored to match the bow in pick, teal, or red.
The Harmonic Stabilizer is another exciting innovation from Mathews Inc. The Harmonic Stabilizer will give optimum performance and dampen more than 75% of residual vibration!  Available as an accessory for older models.
Each Mathews Passion bow comes with a matching baseball cap and pink decal!
Mathews Invented single-cam technology, an innovation that changed archery forever, launched Mathews to the top and directly resulted in the nine Solocam Advantages: most efficient, faster, more accurate, more forgiving, solid wall, less maintenance, less noise, less recoil & vibration, no synchronization problems.

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