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Second chance buck on 6 acres Image

Second chance buck on 6 acres

I own 6 acres of property in western N.C. that I only hunt a couple of times each year. I usually hunt it once in the early bow season and once closer to the rut. I missed this buck in September of the 2006 season . I was rewarded on the 1st day of November,… Continue Reading →

Bob Champlin Image

Bob Champlin

My Mathews FX is the smoothest, flatest, most accurate and quiet bow I have ever shot. I have had this bow for 5 years know and it still shoots like its brand new and I still have the original string on it. On 10-22-06 I shot this nice 8-point and as long as I have… Continue Reading →

First record book buck Image

First record book buck

On my first day of a week long hunting trip in Illinois I shot this 14 pt. green scored 164 4/8. My Outback is so quiet I was able to shoot this buck a second time. He only ran 20 yards after the first shot, which was behind me about 15 yards. He stood next… Continue Reading →

2nd P & Y FOR 06 Image

2nd P & Y FOR 06

I shot this buck with my Outback on 10/30/06 in Minnesota, just 10 days after I took a P & Y from Wisconsin. Once again thanks for making such great bows.



This is the buck I took in 2005. The buck followed 10 minutes behind a hot doe on the same trail 14 yards from my tree. I grunted and the buck stopped broadside in his tracks, releasing my ACC arrow he never knew it penetrated his lungs. The buck casually walked away following the same… Continue Reading →

Thank you Mathews! Image

Thank you Mathews!

I was sitting in a tree stand just before dark when a deer slowly came feeding by and turned towards my stand. At 15 yards, I punched the deer through the lungs. He ran about 40 yards, stopped, took a couple of steps, started to wobble and fell over. I have a B tag (antlerless… Continue Reading →

Lucky Draw Image

Lucky Draw

Since buying my SQ2 two seasons ago my shooting ability has improved substantially. After a dozen or so successful hunts with the Mathews bow, it has proven itself once again. The afternoon hunt of October 29, 2006 proved successful with a 12 yard shot on this 12 point non-typical. Thank you for producing such a… Continue Reading →

Shermans Switchback Story! Image

Shermans Switchback Story!

I set my alarm for 2 a.m. and drove for 2 1/2 hours to meet my dad and my cousin for a weekend hunt. I arrived just in time to eat a big breakfast before I climbed into my stand with high hopes. It had rained for two days straight and a cold front had… Continue Reading →

First Bow Buck Image

First Bow Buck

This is my first buck with a bow and what a monster. Been hunting this spot several years and finally connected. He grosses 190 4/8" and will net 175 2/8". He weighed over 300 pounds. Thanks to my Mathews LX I was able to confidently make the 30 yard shot when the time came. Thank… Continue Reading →

Big Seven Pointer Image

Big Seven Pointer

I chalk this deer up to a lot of good fortune. It was a cold, windy morning, and I did not want to get out of bed. When I arrived at the land I hunt on, I just stood for the longest time trying to decide which stand would be the best to hunt out… Continue Reading →