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First Archery Buck Image

First Archery Buck

This is my first archery buck taken with my new Switchback XT. I just started archery hunting this year and couldnt be happier shooting this bow. This buck came in at 8 yards and after a pass through shot, only went 35 yards. Thank you Mathews!!

My first bow buck Image

My first bow buck

This is my first buck with a bow taken at 35 yard with a Mathews Outback this is the greatest bow Ive ever used

Thank You Lord! Image

Thank You Lord!

This year marked the first time I had so much as even held a compound in the last fifteen years. I had made the switch to longbows and recurves in my late teens. The Switchback XT was an obvious choice when I made the decision to come full circle in my choice of tackle. It… Continue Reading →

2006 Minnesota Whitetail Image

2006 Minnesota Whitetail

I shot this buck on Sept. 23 of the Minnesota archery season. It is my first buck with my new Mathews Switchback. I can not tell you how happy I am with the Mathews performance. Thank you for your help in a great hunting season.

Minnesota Whitetail Image

Minnesota Whitetail

My new Switchback XT did a great job on the fine Minnesota buck. This deer came right to 24 yards, Then I sent a A/C/C arrow tipped with a NAP Nitron head right through his heart. The buck has 8 points and weighed in at 211 pounds field dressed. Thank you Mathews!

Fall 05 South Dakota Whitetail Image

Fall 05 South Dakota Whitetail

After snapping a limb on my dads old Diamond earlier in the season, I immediately purchased the new Mathews Switchback. A couple weeks later, I poked this 200-lb bruiser from about 16 yards, smack in the middle of rut.

Alberta archery whitetail 9.22.06 Image

Alberta archery whitetail 9.22.06

My Mathews Switchback set at 65 lbs. has done the job again on this 11 point, 270 lb. whitetail at 21 yards in Alberta. Excellent bow and couldnt be happier. Thanks!

Breaking in the new Mathews XT  Image

Breaking in the new Mathews XT

I have been waiting 12 days and had pasted up 18 smaller bucks. I wanted my new Mathews XT to taste a big one on its first shot. 11 points 185 pounds and 18.5 inch inside spread.

Rut in September Image

Rut in September

I Harvested this Buck on the evening of September 19, 2006. There was a major cold front moving in that afternoon, so I was confident there would be movement. The buck came out at 6:30 and began working the edge of the bean field heading away from my location, I made a series of aggressive… Continue Reading →

Wisconsin Whitetail Image

Wisconsin Whitetail

This awesome buck weighed in at 203lbs. field dressed, has a 19" spread and was harvested with a Switchback.