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Jack's Bobcat

Jack’s Bobcat

I shot this Bobcat from 12 yards early this morning with my Mathews Mission Bow! It was a great shot!Thank you Mathews!

Smooth Kitty

Smooth Kitty

This is my first year bowhunting. I think I’m pretty good, I can group very nicely out to 40 yards and then it gets a little less nice. That being said, I have been given three easy shots at whitetails from 20, 26, and 35 yards. Missed all three. Something happens to me when I… Continue Reading →

Bison Hunt of a Lifetime!

Bison Hunt of a Lifetime!

I was 1 of 15 lucky hunters who drew a tag for bison hunting in CSP. What a great hunt to break in the Helim! One shot at 31 yards and he was down in 40 seconds. What a great experience to be able to harvest a bison at such a great park!

First buck, first kill with Creed

First Buck, First Kill with Creed

Stalked this axis buck for 2 1/2 hours over hundreds of yards. Finally got to 23 yards and the Creed did the rest. No tracking job needed dropped right where I shot him. First kill with the Creed, first buck ever! Once again mahalo to Mathews for their superior products.


My Monster Eland shot with a “Monster MR7″

We left early morning as we had to travel about 350 miles to Bhejane Game Reserve.Our friends was already waiting for us and we wanted to get a hunt in before the end of the day. As we arrived we were met by Adriana and she directed us to the camp. JP and Gideon were… Continue Reading →

My girl and all of her bows!

My girl and all of her bows!

During a little daddy daycare session I couldn’t resist taking a picture of all the things I love! One day this little girl will be flinging arrows with daddy with no other bow but a Mathews!

Our love for each other and to hunt

When I met my husband, I fell in love with everything about him, especially his country ways and his love of hunting. It wasn’t long after we met that he dressed me in camo and bought and set up a double tree stand and took me out with him in the morning. I fell in… Continue Reading →

First African Safari

First African Safari

This trip was my first safari in Africa (my husband Jeff went on another one in South Africa couple of years before that). We were in Zimbabwe with out PH Butch Coaton for 12 days and I absolutely fell in love with the whole experience. Our camp and it’s staff were amazing, the weather was… Continue Reading →

Justin's Blue Wildebeest

Justin’s Blue Wildebeest

I harvested this Blue Wildedeest in South Africa. We spent three hours in the stand watching these Wildebeest and a big Warthog came in to the water hole and I passed on it for the a Wildebeest and my PH who is 6’5″ made the boards in the stand creak and the Wildebeest that came… Continue Reading →

Justin's Oryx Gemsbok

Justin’s Oryx Gemsbok

Justin shot this awesome Oryx Gemsbok with his ZXT.