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I couldn't believe it!! This Axis Buck came 20 yds. from me. I was on the ground in my blind and he never knew I was there.My Mathews LX did the trick. This is the most quiet, most forgiving bow whether for hunting or competition. It is my bow of choice. Rhonda CalhounMathews Pro StaffEarly,… Continue Reading →

Chris Bailey-Reel Outdoors  Image

Chris Bailey-Reel Outdoors

11-11-2006This hunt had special meaning to me; it was the site of Kevin Costner's epic movie, "Dances with Wolves" and I was hunting one of the original herds that helped restore bison from a low of 800 animals in the 1880's to over 500,000 today. One arrow from a Switchback XT at 32 yards. The… Continue Reading →

Luck on Black buck Image

Luck on Black buck

It had been a tough few weeks of hunting in Texas when I arrived at Bowhunters Paradise for my 3 day exotic buck hunt. The bucks had been few and far between. God sent a little luck my way, and I was able to zip an arrow through this trophy black buck with my Switchback… Continue Reading →

Mr. Paul Kratz Image

Mr. Paul Kratz

I recently returned from my first bowhunting trip to Africa. I used my Mathews LX to take seven animals. The bow performed flawlessly as I knew it would since I have hunted here in the States with it for several years. All the animals taken were one shot kills, the only one that we even… Continue Reading →

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The best!!

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Larry Bain

Wharthog taken with Mathews Switchback

even after a hunting partner dry fires it Image

even after a hunting partner dry fires it

Last year during my first October deer hunting weekend of the season I had a buddy want to admire my new Mathews Switchback. Being that he has a Mathews Outback and contributed toward the purchase of my new Switchback I didnt foresee any problems. Well, he was so impressed with the let off that he… Continue Reading →

My brothers arrows Image

My brothers arrows

My brother and I have the same draw length. I shoot a Mathews and lets just say he does not. On this particular day he was blaming his arrows for his more than miserable sub-par performance. So I picked up his arrows and decided to put them to the test. To make a long story… Continue Reading →

13 foot, 650 pound American Alligator Image

13 foot, 650 pound American Alligator

August 25, 2006, I took a 13 foot, 650 pound American Alligator in Florida with my Mathews Outback Bow. Hunting with long time friend and hunting companion, Juha Kylma (President of the Finnish Bowhunters Association) and Ray Tyre and Dewitt Polous Of (Dragon Slayers). The hunt was videoed by Heli Jarinen, host of Finnish Outdoor… Continue Reading →

Ann Nance - South Africa Image

Ann Nance – South Africa

My wife Ann Nance took this 55" Kudu Bull with her Mathews Black Max at 19 yards. The draw weight was 46 pounds and she was using Easton 90 g. two-bladed broadheads.