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Ann Nance - Waterbuck Image

Ann Nance – Waterbuck

Ann Nance took this beautiful 30" Waterbuck with her BlackMax at 25 yards. Her draw weight is 46 pounds and she was using Easton 90g. two-bladed broadheads.

Monster Cape Eland Image

Monster Cape Eland

This old bulls dew lap nearly touched the ground. In addition to the magnificent markings on his face he also had respectable 36" horns with heavy bases. He was taken with my Outback at 25 yards and a Montec 100g. broadhead.

Limpopo Bushbuck Image

Limpopo Bushbuck

This beautiful 14" Limpopo Bushbuck came in right at sunset and presented a chip shot of 18 yards after several evenings of unsuccessful stalking along the rivers edge. My Outback and Montec did the rest.

Dream Nyala Image

Dream Nyala

This was my priority species on this trip and after 3 unsuccessful evenings he finally presented a shot on the last night of our hunt in RSA. He scored 28 1/2" and will be tough to beat with a bow. My Outback and Montec 100 g. broadhead were the winning combination.

Larry Bain Image

Larry Bain

Larry Bains Gemsbok taken with Mathews Switchback.

Larry Bain Image

Larry Bain

Wildebeast taken with Mathews Switchback.

Larry Bain Image

Larry Bain

Larry Bains Springbok taken with Mathews Switchback

back yard footage Image

back yard footage

A photo today from my five shot group. It was at only 20 yards, but I think I am almost ready for deer season. Ever since I have gotten this Mathews bow my shooting has really improved. It makes it more fun to practice frequently when youre shootin like this.

Big Kudu Bull Image

Big Kudu Bull

I took this massive Kudu bull in the Limpopo province of South Africa in July last year. At the time I used an old Mathews MQ1 bow. I now own a Switchback that works just a well. Ill always shoot a Mathews. Period!

Second Trophy  Image

Second Trophy

I purchased my first Mathews in June and took my first trophy a nice hog the first weekend. I had a chance to go on a ram hunt in July and was able to take this nice Corsican ram at 37 yards. The Switchback XT bow I purchased has been the easiest to shoot with… Continue Reading →