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2nd Pronghorn Image

2nd Pronghorn

This is the second antelope I have taken and due to challenge of these wiry animals I wasn't too picky! The shot was 73 yards with the DXT and it worked like a charm! the antelope made it 50 yards.



After 4 days,15 hours a day I shot this antelope.

Ron Marsh Image

Ron Marsh

First big game animal with my Mathews LX.

First Big Game Bow Kill Image

First Big Game Bow Kill

Mathews LX 100 Grain Magnus Stinger Buzzcut

Wyoming Antelope with Mathews XT Image

Wyoming Antelope with Mathews XT

3-Day Hunt in Gillette, WY @ Miller Outfitting. 18-yard shot with a Mathews XT.

Wyoming Antelope Image

Wyoming Antelope

This is the second year in a row I have harvested Pope & Young bucks at this Wyoming ranch. I watched this buck for a good part of the day round up his harem of does before making the 26 yard mistake to the Mathews Switchback XT and 3-blade Rage broadhead. The Mathews bows keep… Continue Reading →

Antelope Wyoming Image

Antelope Wyoming

While hunting in north east Wyoming I had the opportunity to harvest this nice antelope. It was a windy day and the goats werent coming close to the blind. My new Mathews XT preformed flawlessly at 40 yards. Thanks Mathews. Mike

2005 Oregon public lands 15" Pronghorn Image

2005 Oregon public lands 15" Pronghorn

After seeing numerous antelope the first weekend of the season, I decided to sit on a water hole for the final weekend. I was mentally set to sit there all weekend if need be. I was in my blind only a couple of hours when I noticed this buck from a good distance staring in… Continue Reading →

Spearhead ranch antelope Image

Spearhead ranch antelope

Early in the afternoon on the first day of my first antelope hunt and this was the result. I had to wait while several does cleared from in front and back of him. He then stood broadside at 18 yards for a clear shot. My LX did the rest. It was a clean pass through…. Continue Reading →

The last day Buck Image

The last day Buck

It is never over until the last day passes. Finally after 11 days of hard hunting and missed opportunities. The buck came into my honey hole tank at only 20 yards. I drew back my Outback and released my cx 200. All the previous misses, blown stalks, miles upon miles of hiking, and long sweat… Continue Reading →