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Spot and stock Antelope

Spot and Stock Antelope

I have been going back to my families ranch for the past 5 years guiding hunters and only taking a day or two to hunt for my self. With this year being my last year running the outfitting business I decided to take one whole week to hunt for my self before my hunters arrived…. Continue Reading →

2014 Montana Antelope

Montana antelope, spot and stalk with a 50 yard lung shot

Lucky #1

Lucky #1

My first bow kill out west! Buffalo, WY. The hills and elevation almost killed this south Texas boy. I gave him some Helim from 80 yards!!!!!

Idaho pronghorn

Idaho pronghorn

Getting it done with my Jewel! 23 yd perfect shot.

Wyoming 2013 Pronghorn

Wyoming 2013 Pronghorn

First animal with my Creed, and I could not be happier! After 3 days, sun up to sun down, over 60 head of pronghorn made it to my fence crossing leading to the alfalfa. The hardest part was keeping my eyes on him, separating him from the other pronghorn bucks. 23 yard shot, 80 yard… Continue Reading →

First antelope

First antelope

A nice crisp Colorado morning, an unknown waterhole and a little luck helped me bag my first Antelope. It’s not a monster but its going on the wall. I found a nice tree to sit under a wait with wind in my face. My partner was posted a little farther down the side of the… Continue Reading →

Idaho Antelope Image

Idaho Antelope

I’m very excited with this antelope. I shot it at 75 yards. It was great for me since i lost the sight of my left eye 3 months ago and i had to learn all over how to judge distances and to aim my bow.

2012 Antelope Image

2012 Antelope

After all those perfect shots in Africa, I made a bad shot on this Antelope… I’m not sure if it was me or he moved. It took a second arrow, but the Hēlim   did the trick!

Solo Pronghorn Image

Solo Pronghorn

Immediately after getting my first bow (Z7 Xtreme) for Christmas from my wife, I started to plan all my bow hunting adventures! This is not only my first pronghorn, but my first bow kill! I choose to go solo on public land in Wyoming. It was taken on the sixth day, the last day of… Continue Reading →

My first out of state hunt Image

My first out of state hunt

I went on my very first hunt outside of New Jersey, to Wyoming in September and I shot a 69+ inch P&Y antelope. The crew that I went with told me to not to shoot one on the first day of our five day hunt, but check them over, for you will see them again… Continue Reading →