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Zebra at 40 yds  Image
Location: Limpopo Province, South AfricaAlbum: African & MiscellaneousAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: African & Miscellaneous

Zebra at 40 yds

July 18, 2005 by Javier Ayala

One morning a decided to give stalking zebra with my Outback bow a chance and my friend and PH Jean-Louis Viljoen of Numzaan Safaris joined me for the day´s hunt.
Early in the morning we stalked a couple of zebra herds unsuccessfully until around 10:00 am when we located a smaller group. I jumped out of the while Jean-Louis took video from the truck. My plan was to walk through the bushes until I could find a good shooting position and then try to get a shot off to one of the zebras.
Everything went as planned but when I was getting to full draw, the zebras saw me and ran, stopping again at around 40 yds to look back at me. That was my chance and I sent an arrow straight to the biggest of them hitting it behind the shoulder.
The zebras took off and mine followed, but staggered and fell down within my sight. It was amazing, my longest shot at one of Africas´s toughest plains game and it just ran a few yards.
She was an old, big and fat mare that will make an awesome rug.

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