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Xtreme shot for the Z7 Xtreme

November 30, 2011 by Jeff Banning

I purchased a Z7 Xtreme late in the Missouri archery season and figured I would have the bow setup and shooting to my likings by next season. 20 minutes into the first night with the Z7 Xtreme and tuning my sight I robin-hooded an arrow and was soon shooting groups better at 60 yards than with any bow I had ever owned PLUS the Z7 Xtreme was twice as quiet as my current brand X bow… enough said, my hunting arrows transferred to my Mathews T5 quiver the first night owning the bow.

A week later I am in my tree stand, a buck slips up behind me and spooks as I look over my shoulder. I only remember seeing that he ran up an embankment and the only shot I could find was a paper plate size hole and I could not shoot through it standing straight or sitting. All I know is somehow I placed a perfect 30 yard quartering away shot on this 16 point 163 ¼ buck.

Later hunting the same stand and looking through that small hole up the embankment, I believe to this day that the short axles to axle, smooth draw, easy hold, and the “Xtreme” shootability of this bow allowed me to go into autopilot and place that difficult shot.

Thanks Mathews

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