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Wyoming Pronghorn Image
Location: WyomingAlbum: Antelope, Coues & Blacktail DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Antelope

Wyoming Pronghorn

September 15, 2009 by Ryan Johnson

On August 18 I headed to a waterhole that I had scouted and been seeing an 85″ buck on a regular basis. At first light I had the giant buck 300 yards away and he moved in the opposite direction out of sight. Later in the day I had a nice heavy wide horned buck come in that I guessed would make the 80″ mark that I had set as a minimum for myself. I had him broadside at 57 yards, I settled my 60 yard pin of my Mathews Drenalin behind his shoulder and let the arrow fly. I missed completely shooting 2 ft behind him, he ran about 10 yards looked back and came back to the exact same place. At 57 yards broadside I missed him again hitting the same place. Went home disappointed and confused, shot my bow to find out what happened. My rest had loosened and moved a 1/2″ to the left causing it to shoot almost 2 ft to the left at 20 yds. I fixed the problem and regained my confidence once again. On August 25 I headed back to the same water hole with my good friend to video tape the hunt. At 5:30pm I had the same buck that I missed and had named “Lucky” come into the waterhole. At 43 yards I was able to put an arrow in his vitals and watched him fall over at 80 yards away. This was my first antelope with a bow and I can say I may never hunt them with a rifle again. He green scored 81 1/8″ Thank you for making such a great product allowing me to take this great buck.

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