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Wyoming Bull Elk 2003 Image
Location: Big Horn Mountians of WyomingAlbum: Elk, Caribou, Moose & BearAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Elk

Wyoming Bull Elk 2003

September 9, 2003 by Dan Johnson

I recently switch bows and started shooting a Mathews Q2XLonly three months prior to hunting season. However, I wasn’t concerned going into this season, as indicated by the consistent groups I was shooting. My hunting partner Justin Peterson (a.k.a. Grease) and I knew there was a good sized heard of elk in the area we hunted. Frequent sounds of bugling bulls and cows chirps where heard each morning and evening we hunted that area. Grease and I got in close to the herd, and a nice bull was only 80 yards away. Grease and I set up trying to get him to come in 40 yards closer, when a smaller bull appeared only 30 yards to me left. The smaller bull came through an opening and my Q2XL didnt let me down, as Grease and I watched the bull fall a short distance later. It was the first time I’d shot an elk and deer within the same week!

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