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Working Nights
Location: United StatesBow Model: HēlimAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Working Nights

November 9, 2013 by Zach Martin

I was working nights at a grain elevator at the time. I had been working about 90 hours a week because of it being harvest time. I got to my home in Marshall IL about 7:00 AM from work and i had to work again that night so i was putting some clothes in the laundry then was going to climb in bed for some sleep before i had to go work again. Then my phone rang it was my buddy and he said “you goin to the woods?” I said i wasn’t it, was already daylight out and i had to work. He said just go you will be that guy to go out real late and kill a big one. I then said yea im gonna go so there i went out to the stand. I was in the stand for about 5 minutes when i seen a doe behind me run up the hill to the field. Then i seen him behind her and i was thinking to my self that he was going to chase her up the hill and id never see him again. But he did the unthinkable and started walking down the hill side to me. I grasped my HELI-M and waited calmly. Then he made a turn i drew back he was right behind me but the shot i had at that time was 30 yards through brush so i decided not to take it cause i did not want to wound this beauty! So i was waiting for him to drop in the creek and walk right next to me. I was right about him getting in the creek but he turn the other way jumped the other bank and i seen his rack disappear in the thicket. I hung my bow back up and sat down in disappointment. I kept looking back to where i last seen him. I was thinking id probably not see him again. 5 minutes pass when i look over my should in the creek once more and there he was standing there walking right toward me. I was able to stand and get my bow when i tree came between me and him. Then i was drawn back on this buck at ten yards perfectly broadside. my HELI-M did its job. This all happened in about 15 minutes but it seemed like a life time. Bow hunting is a passion to me and i will always love it. It is a life style not a sport. It is all about the respect of the outdoors and the hunters and hunted. I will never trust a bow in my tree stand with me other than MATHEWS. I SHOOT MATHEWS!

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