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Location: United StatesBow Model: Conquest PrestigeAlbum: Tournament SuccessAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Tournament

Won my first BIG State Title!!

April 14, 2014 by Taylor Cone

I’m Taylor and I’m 12 yrs old. In Feb of 2014 I won my first BIG State Title after shooting archery for about a year and a half. I shot the State 4-H Indoor event last year and finished 75th out of 150. Summer of last year my Dad bought me a new Mathews Conquest Prestige. Since getting this bow I have 6 tournament wins including my recent State 4-H Indoor Title for my division. Two nights before this event I jammed a finger on my bow holding hand really bad. Determined to still shoot I showed up to the event with butterflies in my stomach. With support from my teammates and family I was able to shoot a new personal record score of 296 and win the State Title. I have grown to love my Mathews Prestige and believe that it has played a big part in my recent tournament success!

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