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What a Veteran's Day
Location: Southern OhioBow Model: DXTAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

What a Veteran’s Day

November 11, 2013 by JB Carroll

My very first trail camera picture on this new property I began hunting this year was a beautiful 10 point. Still in velvet, I was anxious to see what he would be later in the season and if I would ever see him again. It wasn’t until November 7th that I got more pictures of this bruiser working a mock scrape along with 4 other bucks, all night time pictures. Word quickly spread throughout our camp and with neighbors of a “Stud” of a 10 pointer running around which is where he got his nickname of “Stud.” Family and friends gather every year at our cabin for the week to hunt the Rut, this year was no exception, minus the fact that I would now be there after returning home from the Army. An intense weekend of hunting had passed with no shooters seen while on stand. Monday rolled around with a cold front bringing snow in Tuesday so we knew it was time to be in the woods! I sat all day Monday and seen bucks running everywhere chasing doe. One shooter 8-point nicknamed “Field Goal” for his tall, symmetrical tines that resembled a Goal Post, but decided it was still early and really wanted to see “Stud.” The afternoon slowly passed with a few small bucks traveling mid-day, and it wasn’t until 1645 that a Monster of a buck came cruising up the holler. I immediately knew it was him! “Stud” came up out of a bowl and was headed right for my scrape where I had an album of pictures of him working this scrape set. He walked completely downwind of me and the scrape and never even looked my direction. He walked up to the scrape, sniffed around, freshened the scrape, and began working the licking branch above. As soon as his head went up and he was fully stretched out, I released a Carbon Express Maxima Hunter with a 100 grain Rage sent from my Mathews DXT, and put it in his pump house! He took about 3 good strides and stopped! He looked back towards the scrape and was flicking his tail religiously. He stood there at 40 yards for what seemed a lifetime before finally just tipping over! I was ecstatic! The deer I had hoped for all season, who I had never seen on the hoof, never had a picture of during the day, now was laying 40 yards from my tree! I couldn’t help but tear up and give thanks to the Good Lord up above, my grandfather who originally owned the property our cabin is now on before his passing, and the many brave Men and Women fighting and defending this great Country We Love so we can enjoy the Great Outdoors in the Land of the Free! This buck was much more than hard work paid off, but a symbol of what we stand for, and that is God, the Great Outdoors, and his many wonderful creatures he has blessed us with. I am so very thankful for this opportunity and now have my Biggest Buck to date on the Ground, and it’s Thanks to my Mathews DXT!! “Catch us if You Can”

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