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Underwear Buck
Location: Behind the HouseBow Model: Switchback LDAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Underwear Buck

November 3, 2010 by Darian Pellicciotti

My buddy calls me and asks if I have seen any deer lately. I said I had not looked today so, I walked over to the window in the living room, flipped the blinds and saw three doe. (we made a food plot in the backyard) I said, “there is three doe back there right now”. My buddy says well go out there and bust one of them. I said, “you are going to come over and help me dress her out right”? He said yes so, I had to get out there and shoot one right now before they left. So, without blinking an eye, I grabbed a arrow from my quiver I had hanging up and remembered I left my bow in the trunk of my car. (been practicing of course) The car just happened to be in the carport near the deer, that were still in the backyard. I grab my keys, with arrow in hand and head out to slay the she-beast. I sneak out to the back of the car unseen of course, on my knees, Set my phone down, cause my buddy is on hold waiting on the other end. I pop open the trunk just enough to open my case and retrieve my bow. I figure I made it this far, I should grab my range finder just to be on the safe side for this amazing shot that was about to take place. I straighten up enough to locate the deer and get a range on them. 70 yards! Dang! Not an easy poke so, I have to get closer, which is doable because of the shed that will provide me cover while I move. I make my move and stand about 10 feet from the shed, I estimate I am now about 60 yards from the deer. I knock up and attach the release, come to full draw and step out to my left and spot the doe’s. They are jumping and running around like in alert or play mode. I can’t tell but, the thought comes to me that they are spooked. I know it wasn’t me. Then I see him, heart rate raised in an instant, he has his nose down chasing those doe around the yard. Then when I think I am not going to get my shot, he see’s me. Stops him dead in his tracks, I am not sure if it was because I was simply there or because I was standing there in my underwear. Either way, I put my 60 yard pin on him and let my stick fly.

60 yards away, my Mathews is so quiet, that buck didn’t even flinch. He went about 50 yards and laid down. Craziest hunt I have ever been on. LOL!! Thanks for the fun Mathews, second most fun I could have ever had in my underwear. -DP

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