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Trophy Season

August 6, 2012 by

Mathews truly is the best compound bow on the market. I had the most incredible season in 2011 beginning on opening day of the Wild Bison hunt near Jackson, Wyoming. I drew a coveted Type 1 bison bull or cow priority # 53 in the spring of 2011. Up to this time I have hunted with my compound bow, only to be close enough yet no clean shot opportunities had come my way. My family and I discussed the possibility of using my Mathews Mustang and what would be the chances of making a clean kill on a beast so large…….I finally got my packet in the mail giving me all the information regarding the hunt and proceeded to practice long range shots on our tiny deer 3D target. August 15 was opening day and I live close enough to Jackson to check for an alternate permit to hunt on the National Elk Refuge on the 15th of August. Lucky me there were 3 alternate permits and I was 3rd in line. Now the adrenaline is beginning to flow as I scouted the refuge and saw a herd of 300 or so all together appearing to be just lazily hanging out and waiting to be taken on the 15th (just 2 days away). Ha ha so much for that, because on the 14th they all decided to move in 50 different directions making the hunting plan a bit more strategic. I decided to go to the North Gap, an area north where they leave the refuge and head out as soon as the legal light signals the first shot. I hiked in under the full moon with my husband and an area hunting film maker. We had never met this wonderful gentleman before that moonlit hike. sure enough as soon as the first shot rang out we hustled to the highest point to see if we could catch which direction they would be running. There were about 40 or 50 bison headed up the mountain in our direction…… game on …. We could hear gun shots going off all around us and bison were splitting up and heading off seeming to avoid my path completely. We decided to go after one of the small herds and angled toward them as they ran up the slope. We identified a large bull and went closer to him, when Dana grunted and got the bison to stop broadside. At 57 yards I took the lung shot with my Mathews Mustang 50# draw weight bow a Gold Tip Pro arrow and an tiny .85 grain broadhead !!!! After about 10 seconds and 50 to 75 yards of running uphill he staggered sideways and tumbled over and died quickly. The arrow was resting on the opposite side of the bulls ribcage and penetrated through both lungs. We were so excited and amazed by the integrity of this deadly bow and arrow combination that we could only hope that some of this experience was caught on film. After field dressing this 1400+ lb. animal and getting it loaded into my pickup we realized that we did not take any photos except for a few phone photos. As it turned out, Jared Scott got a great bunch of footage and made a show out of it, making this an even more memorable experience.
As if this isn’t cool enough, I also took a Pope and Young Bull Elk about a month later in Wyoming from my treestand. Thanks for the opportunity to tell you my Mathews story… my bow is so accurate and easy to dial in, I love it!!!!!

Deb Mackenzie

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