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Location: Pine Mountain, WyomingAlbum: Elk, Caribou, Moose & BearAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Elk

Trial’s to Triumph

November 8, 2011 by Ronald Robbins

Trial’s And Tragedy, To Triumph
For the past 8 years I have put in for the Pine Mountain area, This year was finally my year! The day the draws were posted, I was ready for another upset. To my surprise I drew! Originaly it was going to be a rifle hunt. But my 14 year old son decided to start shooting his bow. Mine was an older rather prehistoric Browning Bow.
We had dropped it off at the shop to get new strings, & arrows. They had the new Mathew’s Z7 extreme placed there in a lighted display box> It was almost like a magical Moment. I told my wife I want that next year!
The day we went to pick up the old browning’ my wife had made arrangements to have a brand new Mathews z7 extreme placed in my old bow case. When I opened the case to check the strings I told them they had the wrong bow. The only response I got from my wife & kids, was NO it’s your’s! Happy Birthday!
With a few weeks left, we practiced every night in the back yard! I was pretty confident I could get anything up to 100 yards! This bow was awesome!
One week before the opening morning, while at work. My rachet broke, the full weight of my body was stopped with my elbow, hitting a piece of steel. The x-rays showed a fracture. They wanted to place my arm in a cast for 6 weeks, with my arm bent across my chest. Can’t do that, I would never be able to pull back my bow. Can’t you do a “Hunitng cast” for a couple of weks? The doctor didn’t think he could do a “Hunter’s Cast”, But said the arm specialist might be able to. So a temporary cast was placed!
Because this was work related, there were all kinds of papers to fill out & submit. So I was stuck in the office opening morning of the elk hunt. The boys couldn’t wait a couple days. The anticipation was killing them! Opening morning of the archery hunt, in the perfect area, first bow season. So my wife brought the boys out. I would only be 1 more day it wouldn’t be too bad.
That’s when I received a call, that my wife & boys had rolled our polaris ranger. The cell service wasn’t the best, so I only got every couple words. But what I heard was : Ranger rolled, Mom’s leg, Colton can’t walk.
Panic stricken I called the ambulanec & told them what I knew. It was going to take me at least 3 1/2 hours to get to them. My oldest son ripped his shirt off to stop the bleeding on his hand, & mom’s leg. Then took off hiking for help. He was able to find a guy (Mike) on his 4 wheeler. He drove down the hill & flipped the ranger over. Helped get it back up the hill to safty! Where the ambulance was there to greet them! Luckly everyone was ok! No broken bones or concussions. Just trama & bruises. But it got me up there a day earlier!
The next morning we took the temporary cast off & rigged it into a pulling position. We were ready! Hiking and hunting, pulling back waitting for the perfect shot. Several nights of disapointment.
It all paid off. We could hear the trees breaking & the bulls buggling. Ready for anything, my 14 year old son was able to call in a 330 bull. He churpped with his Primos “maka da bulls crazy” , and stopped the bull dead in his tracks! 30 yards away. I could smell him, but thanks to scent lock he couldn’t smell me! He had no idea I was there. I pulled back hoping he would take just 1 more step out of the trees. My heart was beating in my head, my arm was shaking slightly, this was it! My muddy bull!
The next thing i knew the bull was running straight up the hill. I couldn’t believe it. No doubt in my mind, that my Mathew’s hit him! Heart pumping faster than ever before. The bull didn’t make it far, he was only 70 yards away from the ranger, all down hill! Who could ask for a better set up?
BY the end of this hunt the boys were not able to get their bulls with their bows. Next year they will both have a new Mathews Bow. Having the confidence in your bow, knowing it is going to shoot where you want. I could not have gotten the bull with out my bow!
Thank you Mathew’s for making an awesome light weight perfection!

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