I Shoot Mathews

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Location: missouriBow Model: Z7 XtremeAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Tough Chapter

February 4, 2013 by Clayton Ebersole

It was the third time I was in Missouri I’ve seen good bucks but could not seal the deal.This time I was up against blue tongue that was bad but trailing off. On November 1st that morning I saw good bucks chasing doe but just were not close enough. By the after noon it got up to 65 degrees on the last day. So I was starting to worry a little if it was going to happen and like that two shooter bucks came in at 25 yards the one i shot scored 143 6/8. No more doubt– I shoot a Mathews, my middle name is Matthew. Thank you Mathews for the great bows you make!

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