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Location: United StatesBow Model: Z7 XtremeAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

TN 10 Point, Shot with the Z7 Xtreme

October 13, 2012 by Taylor Jones

After having trail cameras out throughout the summer and only getting a dozen pictures of a couple of real nice shooter bucks on the property, I wasn’t exactly sure where to even start hunting the 2012/2013 TN bow season. My cousin and I had hung a couple of hang on stands in the edge of some corn fields that had produced some nice bucks the previous two seasons, but we were only seeing small bucks and does in the daylight hours.
We hunted these fields the first couple of weekends of the 2012 season without any luck of seeing a shooter buck. So, off we went, setting up in different locations across the 600+ acre farm and still seeing numerous small bucks and does but no sign of a mature buck.
We had confidence that we should be able to locate these mature bucks feeding in the evenings before dark but just could not get in the right location at the right time. By the third weekend into the season we both had taken a doe to put some meat in the freezer. So the pressure of getting that first deer of the season was now relieved – now onto the quest of getting a mature buck with a bow.
On Saturday, Oct. 13th we had planned to hunt the morning and evening. After the morning sit and not seeing anything except a small doe, we were getting discouraged and began wondering where the deer had gone. During the drive to the farm that evening we began brainstorming about where we were going to hunt. We had decided to go to the bean fields. Now, there are well over 100 acres of beans on this farm so it begged the question, “€œwhich bean field”€? My cousin decided he was going to hunt the largest bean field on the property just to see if the deer were using it and hopefully get an idea of where they were coming out. I had made up my mind, I was going to a long, narrow, bean field on the back side of the property.
We left the truck and both sprayed down with Evolve 3D and sprayed our boots with Nose Jammer. I was walking through the smallest bean field on the property heading towards my destination. As I left the small field and entered into the larger field, something just told me to go back and hunt the small field. I had never hunted this field so obviously I didn’t have a stand already up with shooting lanes cut – I had brought the summit Titan climbing stand. I looked around the field and found a suitable tree to climb. It was thick! I climbed up as far as I could only to realize at that distance I could not even see the field, much less shoot anywhere in the field! So, I climbed back down a few feet to where I had one small shooting lane in the edge of the field. I sprayed Nose Jammer on a few limbs and leaves around me, got my Mathews Z7 Xtreme hoisted up, nocked the Carbon Express Blue Streak with a Rage Chisel Tip, got my Nikon optics around my neck and settled in for the evening hunt.
As the wind began to die down, I turned and was completely surprised by what had just entered the field. It was one of the big mature bucks that we had seen on camera! He is an extremely wide 8pt. Although he was 100 yards out, I was filled with excitement and anticipation that he might come within range. As luck would have it, he didn’€™t. He turned and disappeared into the woods. I had mixed emotions at that moment– I had just seen possibly the biggest buck I had ever seen in person, and he went the other direction but I was also hopeful that he might circle around and come out again.
As I was replaying that experience over and over in my mind, I looked in front of me and there stood a real nice 8pt eating beans at 32.5 yards. He was facing my direction so I didn’t have a shot. I had already decided that if he turned and gave me a shot that I was going to take him. I waited for what seemed like an hour and then all of the sudden out of nowhere he spooks and jumps! And from the timber behind him steps out a magnificent animal! It was the other big mature buck that we had gotten on camera! He is standing 32.5 yards from me feasting on beans in my only shooting lane! I was extremely nervous! I ranged that deer with my Nikon rangefinder at least a dozen times because I thought it looked much farther than 32.5 yards. I wasn’t even sure if I could make the shot because of my nerves, so I pulled my bow back with my finger behind the trigger of the release to make sure I wouldn’t just pull the shot.
I settled my 30 yards pin in the picnic basket and then became extremely confident. So, I took a breath and then let the arrow fly! Watching the Burt Coyote Lumenok fly through the air and seeing my arrow hit its mark was an incredible experience! I immediately called my cousin and because of the excitement, had to repeat myself twice so he could understand that I had just shot the big 10 with a kicker off his G2.
After waiting an hour and fifteen minutes, we went and started searching for blood. With the extreme hole from the Rage broadhead, finding blood was not a problem. The deer only ran 40 yards and piled up. No doubt my biggest deer ever! And what an incredible experience it was to take it with my bow!
I feel so blessed and am extremely thankful to God for the incredible opportunity to experience His creation in such a magnificent way! I give Him all the Glory!
The deer scored 142″€!
God Bless you all!
Taylor Jones

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