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Thunderstorm thunder chicken
Location: Northeast IowaBow Model: MR7Album: African & MiscellaneousAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Turkey

Thunderstorm Thunder Chicken

April 17, 2013 by Matt Konrardy

As we got set up this morning the lightning began to slash across the predawn sky and we started to seriously question our sanity! We heard some gobbles from the roost when the thunder wasn’t rumbling loud enough to rattle the windows of nearby farm houses. The rain finally arrived in sync with the first hints of what would normally be sunrise. That made it considerably more difficult hear our quarry. As we strained to listen for answers to our calls we spotted the one creature that may have been just slightly crazier than us! A nice big tom had appeared at the very end of the cornfield we were set up in the middle of. He closed the 100 plus yard distance at a far too leisurely pace for my liking. As he approached our decoys he strutted with his dripping wet feathers on occasion, and when he made it to 15 yards I couldn’t take it any longer! I drew back my MR7, settled the pin between his beard and his neck and let muscle memory take over. The arrow was through him before he even knew he dead. I suppose that if there’s a moral to this story it would be that even when the weather is rotten turkeys still have to be turkeys, and it’s highly unlikely you’ll kill one from your couch, so go on out and get one!

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