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This time, things were different. Image
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This time, things were different.

December 9, 2008 by Tammy Combs

I've been shooting off and on for over 28 years. I recently decided within the last 4 years that I wanted to take up hunting and 3-d archery. When I made the decision to start hunting again, the only bow I had access to was my husbands crossbow. Having never shot one, I thought, how hard can this be right, wrong! Much to my surprise, things didn't go as planned. So on the way back out of the woods, I decided right then and there I would own a new bow. Mathews. That's what I wanted. I drove straight from the woods, where I had been hunting, to the archery shop and bought an "Ignition". Great bow, but it wasn't long before I sold it and bought the "DXT". I took my first buck with my "DXT" on Oct 5, 08. This time, things were different. What a feeling, It's like none other. I have been doing some traveling to different area shoots as well. My scores have jumped so much so that I took 3rd place in the American and 5th in African at the Cambrige Ohio R-100. I have even talked my husband into laying down the crossbow and shooting a compound too. He owns the "Drenalin" and our two little girls, ages 4 & 7, both shoot the "Genesis. We love our Mathews.

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