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Third shot Image
Location: KansasAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Third shot

November 4, 2004 by Wayne

In the past 12 months this lefty has taken 3 shots at a deer with a Mathews. This picture shows the results of the third shot. The first two will be going on the wall also.
Taken in KS with a Conquest II – drawing 72lb.
Even though I had never seen him before, I was sure there was a nice big buck out at my friends place and if I could just be patient, clever and fortunate enough, I would eventually see him.
Ive let alot of deer walk this year and have had numerous chances to look back on 9 seasons of bowhunting and remember that I got nothing at all for the first few years.

What a beautiful evening it was -
First a small 8 point came through – probably the same one that I saw in the trees on Saturday. He was moving pretty fast, but still had me tense with excitement and looking for a shot opportunity. Am I ever glad he was in such a hurry. He ignored my bleat calls and grunts and headed up into the thick woods behind me.
Then later, a young doe did a run through the area, tail waving in warning. That made me think I might have been busted on scent.

About 4:45, just when I was thinking about grunting some more, this one stepped out of the trees, straight downwind from me and walked right up into my narrow shooting lane.
I tried not to look at his antlers, as I was already jittery enough. I even wondered if it was possible, to be blessed with yet another opportunity, in less than month from my Texas hunt.
It wasnt quite the perfect shot angle, but the result was almost a textbook bowkill. He didnt go more than 60 yards and I could see where he dropped, from the stand.
After the shot and a couple of phone calls, I was able to sit quietly and watch the sun go down in the west. What a great sunset!
God is good!

This is my first ever redhead deer

Thanks Mathews for giving me not only excellent tools but for standing behind your products so well.

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