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The smoothest and quietest bow on the planet Image
Location: Missouri (The Show Me State)Album: Turkey, Hogs & Other Small GameAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Hogs

The smoothest and quietest bow on the planet

November 7, 2004 by Paul Duffy

Dont let other brands of bows fool you when it comes to shooting the best equipment. I can tell you Ive shot other brands of bows. But never shot a bow as quiet and smoother than the Mathews brand. I am a proud owner of two models in its family. The Legacy for hunting and the Conquest II for those serouis archery tournaments. My Mathew Legacy put this fine 200 pound razorback hog down for the count at 40 yards. So if it is punching out those X-rings or harvesting your next dream game animal. I recommend before your purchase your next bow check out the Mathews line of bows before making your next selection.

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