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The skunk and the Coyote Image
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The skunk and the Coyote

December 27, 2005 by Brook Burling

I shot this 26 pound female Coyote on October 16th 2005 with my Mathews Mustang and I would like to share the story behind this unusual hunt. There was about 1 hour ½ left of daylight and things were pretty quite when I noticed a skunk appear in front of me. I watched it mill around for about 10 minutes when I saw a flash to my left it happens to be a coyote coming in. My first though was oh no this coyote is going to pounce on the skunk and this hunt is going to be all over but the crying and washing of clothes. To my surprise the coyote didn’t bother the skunk, however the skunk thought differently. The skunk charged at the Coyote . . . Boy if I only would have had a video camera! Finally after a few minutes of chasing I had my brief opportunity, the coyote stopped just over 30 yards it was a perfect vital shot.
Brook Burling

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