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The savings account

August 8, 2004 by Cotty Hayes

After 17 long years of applications and 16 years of refund checks, It was seeming like the DOW was becoming my own little savings account. Money in and not as much back, Well sort of. Only 2004 payed its biggest dividend to date, A truely coveted ram tag. A full summer of scouting and Aug 7, opening day was finally here. After a full morning of scouting and a four hour stalk the moment of truth turned into a blown oppertunity. An afternoon thunderstorm that brought lots of lighting with it ended the first day. The second day began much as the first, only the sheep were moving with first light. After spotting what I thought was a shooter the long hike to the other side of the canyon was on. Two hours later and the rams were spotted in ther beds. A game plan was formed and the stalk was on. In what seemed like an eternity I found my self 40yds from a toad of a ram. One quick check with the range finder and my Mathews SQ2 was sending the Easton axis with its Phantom broadhead on its way. Yup you got it, right in the wheel house. Twenty yards later the ram piled up leaving no doubt that bow and shooter had done there job. A special thanks go out to Bill Pelegrino and Doug Lyons for there help, They made great pack mules!!!!!!!! And of course thanks to the gange at Mathews for a great bow!!! My ram nets 182 6/8 P&Y, This will place him fifth largest with a bow in Colorado.

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