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The biggest deer of my life!! Image
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The biggest deer of my life!!

November 10, 2005 by Bill Ash

I got to the stand a little later then I would have liked to, but I think it worked out OK. I was in the stand for a little more then and hour when I saw a good size doe. But I shot a doe a week ago so I let it pass. I’m sure glad I did because about 2 min latter HE showed up. They were both on the wrong trail OF COURSE. When I saw him he had his head down on the trail of the doe. He slowed down at 35 yards just long enough for me to grab my Mathews LX. I drew and put my pin right behind his shoulder a little low because buy now he had stopped and looking my way. I laid my finger on the trigger with out thinking. He ran off and crashed 43 yards from were I first saw him.

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