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Thanksgiving 11 Pointer
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Thanksgiving 11 Pointer

November 22, 2012 by Ellie Jenkins

It was thanksgiving morning and I was hunting a stand my dad had set up for me behind the house on the edge of the Macinaw River called “Corner Booth”. I had been sitting for about an hour when a doe came in, and soon after, this big buck. I watched as he chased her around a little bit…stopping only to snort wheeze at another smaller buck that had come in. The doe then ran along the edge of the river past me, and as the buck followed, I stopped him at 7yds. and shot him. It looked like a good shot, just slightly back…and I felt confident about it.

When my dad and Uncle arrived we started tracking, and lost blood at the river. It was time to eat thanksgiving lunch, so we ate and then came back with the whole family to continue the search. We found blood on the other side of the river and followed it until it ran out again. With no more blood, we spread the family out and just started walking. We finally got to a bridge and decided to call it for the day. I have to say, I was really dissapointed and heartbroken.

My dad then went out after his morning hunt and walked the river and found it laying on the edge about 200yds. from where we quit looking. He texted me a picture of the buck with the caption, “lose something?…lol” and I immediately came over and claimed my buck. An awesome 11 pointer. The varying emotions (Highest of highs…lowest of lows)of those 2 days were tough to handle…but I was thankful for the happy outcome.

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