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Location: Ghostwater Creek Ranch, TXBow Model: JewelAlbum: Shoot Like A GirlAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: African & Miscellaneous

Texas Aoudad with my Mathews Jewel

March 27, 2014 by Glynn Werth

On Thanksgiving day 2013, I bagged my second archery whitetail of my life with my Mathews Jewel, and I also had another sweet surprise. I was drawn for the Hunt Wicked Close all ladies aoudad hunt. After talking with Rachel & Ken, they assured me I should bring my Jewel and give bowhunting aoudad a shot. As soon as Oklahoma archery season closed, my husband and I began revamping my entire set up to get ready for my aoudad hunt. After four months of anticipation and preparation, we were headed South to Ghostwater Creek Ranch near Del Rio, TX.
A few hours after we arrived, guide Doug Powell, Rachel with her camera, and I headed out, with me not thinking I would get a shot at one with my Jewel without several days and hours of hunting. After an hour or so of enjoying a little South Texas warmth in the ground blind, out stepped a nice aoudad ram and Doug gave me the okay to take a shot when I got one. After watching and waiting for the ram to give me a shot with my bow, and Rachel a shot with the camera, everything came together perfectly, and I made the shot of a lifetime on a nice aoudad. I also can’t say enough great things about how well my Jewel shoots and how hard it hits. I can say I’m definately blessed to have the opportunity of a lifetime, and even more blessed I was able to make it happen with my Mathews Jewel.

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