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Tennessee Gobbler Image
Location: Bethesda TennesseeAlbum: Turkey, Hogs & Other Small GameAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Turkey

Tennessee Gobbler

April 7, 2005 by Dan Wooten

I took this 22 1/2 lb Gobbler April 4, 2005 hunting a ridge in Southern Williamson County, Tennessee.
I didnt have a blind to use so I made due with a large oak tree and alot of being still. I called this Gobbler in to within 35 yards, waited until he turned his back to me and I drew back my Mathews LX Bow and nailed him at 31 yards.
Equipment Used: Mathews LX Bow with Toxonics 5 pin in-line site, Peep Setup, with a Muzzy Zero Effect Drop Away Rest.
Arrow Shaft is an Easton XX75 with a 4Blade 100 grain Muzzy Broadhead. I LOVE THIS BOW!!!

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