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Location: Southern OhioBow Model: Z7™Album: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail


September 29, 2012 by Wes Moser

2012 Opening day of Archery season in Ohio. I was up early and couldnt sleep all night because of the excitment to be in the woods chasing whitetail again. The year before I took my first bow buck and I was looking for a repeat. However, I was not expecting to have an opportunity opening day. It was about 9am I was sitting in my stand and a Doe snuck in and I managed to get up and get my hand on the bow and she busted me. She took of snorting and I thought everydeer in the county heard that seemed like she wouldnt stop. 10 min later i saw a group of Doe walikng along a ridge 80 yards up the hill. They walked out of sight and about 9:30 they came walking right back in the direction they came from originally. So I thought maybe if I roll my bleat can it would get them to stop and come down and investigate. Well they stopped and started coming down the hill. They got 50 yards from me and stopped I thought they were looking at me but realized they were looking to my right. So I turned my head and saw this triple main beam 9pt standing 20 yards broadside looking up the hill at the doe. Needless to say I drew the Z7 which is the best bow ever!! and sent one down range. I could not beleive it!! Opening day buck!!

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