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Spring Canadian Bear hunt with Bear Country Outfitters
Location: Hudson Bay Saskatchewan CanadaBow Model: HēlimAlbum: Elk, Caribou, Moose & BearAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Bear

Spring Canadian Bear hunt with Bear Country Outfitters

June 3, 2013 by Tony Bokhoven

On day number 3 of a 5 day hunt I had only seen 1 bear, that was below the first ring on the bait barrel. At 4:45 pm on the day 3, things changed. I went to the stand at around 2:30pm. It was a sunny day about 65 degrees. I was sitting in my Big Game Treestand watching the squirrels and birds when things started to get interesting. The squirrels noticed something and quickly left the bait site. I started paying close attention to the perimeter of the site and noticed I had company about 15 yards away on my right side. Within a couple minutes my bear showed his face and comfortably approached the bait and began to check out the site. Obviously I was nervous and anxious but trying to remain somewhat calm. I slowly reached over and grabbed my bow and at the same time looked at my watch. It was 4:45 pm and decision time had arrived, was this the bear I wanted? As the bear approached the bait, his back was as high as the 55 gal drum that held the bait, and I knew this was the one I wanted. I loaded my GoldTip arrow with a G5 mechanical broad head into my HeliM, all the while watching the bear surveying the bait site. It wasn’t long and the bear presented himself fully broadside with his left shoulder facing me. I took a deep breath, raised my bow, made sure my shot was clear and steady and took the shot! I made a great shot right through the boiler room and with in about 30 seconds, I heard the “death moan”!! I new I made a great clean shot and the bear was down within 20 yards of where I shot him. He weighed 175 lbs and his coat was very very thick with long hair. for a Spring bear fresh out of hibernation, he was perfect and will make an amazing rug!

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