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Split Tine Buck Image
Location: Central IowaBow Model: SwitchbackAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Split Tine Buck

November 4, 2012 by Kurt Weieneth

When my alarm went off at 5:05am I contemplated staying in my warm bed and sleeping in. The weather had been warm and moon had been full only a week before so it was still fairly bright in the night. Consequently, the deer were not moving much in the mornings. I decided that since the lake outside my window was glass calm that I would head out to my favorite stand, at least it would be a nice morning in the tree. Besides, it was the first week of November in Iowa, the rut should be starting and not everyone gets to hunt whitetails in Iowa. I definitely made the right choice. When the light was good and the woods were quiet I decided to rattle and see what showed up. Less than a minute later a small fork horn showed up looking for the fight, right behind him was a nice 10 point walking in from the same direction. As I was contemplating if I would shoot this 10 point should I get the chance I heard VERY heavy footsteps in the leaves from behind and to the right of me. I slowly turned to see this giant walking with a purpose right to me. A bunch of thoughts raced through my head at once, “how am I going to stand and turn with these other two bucks in front of me?”, “what if he sees me?”, “where is he going to come to?” etc etc. With a quick glance to see what the other two bucks were doing, I stood and quietly turn and drew my Switchback. Fortunately, the other bucks were so focused on this monster walking towards them I think I could have done jumping jacks in the stand. As I drew he stepped into my shooting lane and I quickly stopped him with a grunt, I settled my pin just behind and a little above his shoulder and let the arrow fly. The arrow hit its mark, and allowed for a double lung shot. I watched him run through the woods for as far as I could see him and then listened. He stopped running and then a few seconds later I heard the crashing of antlers on scrub trees and brush. The whole scene took less than 5 minutes from the time I rattled to the release of my Switchback and it was over. He ended up being a 12 point with 3 more small points at his bases. He scored 189 3/8” gross with 9 7/8″ & 12 1/8″ brow tines and a 13 3/8 G3 on his left side. As a bonus, 4 days later I checked my trail camera that was positioned on a scrape about 400 yards away from my stand I was in that morning and found that just 17 minutes before I shot him he was posing for the camera. Thank you Mathews for building such great, reliable bows! I wouldn’t buy anything else.

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