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South Africa Safari Image
Location: Limcroma Safaris, South AfricaBow Model: HēlimAlbum: Shoot Like A GirlAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: African & Miscellaneous

South Africa Safari

September 13, 2012 by Anita Huber

March 2011 we went to the NWTF banquet in Laramie, WY and ended up bidding on an African Safari. We started getting ready with our Passion and Z7. We bought videos on shot placement, 3D targets for broadheads, new arrows, new broadheads, sights, and then we bought new Helim bows. I was amazed how easy and quiet the Helim was compared to our old bows. We practiced and studied about African animals for months. We tried different arrows, broadheads, and fletchings until we had it perfected.

Finally the day arrived and we were off to South Africa. The flight was quite long, but the trip was well worth it. The first night we took a wildebeast with a complete pass through, the next day I took a gold medal impala which swam across the pond and dropped on the opposite bank. The following day we had the chance to put an injection into a kudu, dropping at 100 yards. Next day we set out for a Gemsbok. We got into the blind and a tiny steenbok came into water. He dropped right into our arrow. A little while later the gemsbok walked in and we had a great shot at him also.

Next day was my turn for a blesbok, but he never showed up. We had six nice kudus knocking their horns together and pushing each other around. The cape buffalo came in followed by some warthogs, which got another pass through on the biggest one, but we had to wait for the cape buffalo to leave, since he had his eye on us.
I decided to change to a waterbok, since we could not get the blesbok to come in. We waited all day long on Sunday, and finally Dave was about to take a huge impala, which might have been bigger than mine. Our PH looked out the back side of the blind and said “A Waterbok”. I was up and had an arrow knocked right away, shaking all the time. He came into the pond for a drink and the PH said “Shoot.” I lined up my bow, checked the sights, and released, hitting him in the shoulder crease. He darted out of the pond, through the acacia trees and dropped 75 yards away. My PH said “He’s down, he’s down.” It turned out to be another gold medal animal at 28 1/2 inch horns.

The next day we set off to shoot guinneas and baboons, but we ended up taking a Nyala.
The last day we went out to get a blesbok. We got a tractor ride to our blind. Shortly after we got there, 4 giraffes came in to water and eat the tree tops. You could feel the earth shake when they stepped. They finally left and the blesbok entered in. A few minutes later we were searching for our brown and white faced blesbok.

We had a wonderful trip and are ready to start shooting American animals like antelope and elk.

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