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Some mornings the woods are just alive! Image
Location: Northern IndianaAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Some mornings the woods are just alive!

February 20, 2012 by Chris Crawford

My buddy Matt and I finally got to go hunting together on Nov 5th 2011. The last couple years with work schedules and busy family lives it’s been a challenge to get out in the woods together.

Matt was hunting a tree line and I was just inside the woods in a stand that I took a nice 12 pointer in last archery season. I had hunted this stand couple other times this year with but hadn’t seen much of anything. Matt text-ed me a little while after first light to tell me he’d seen few deer out in the set aside field between us. After another half hour of not seeing anything I was starting to question my stand choice and that maybe the buck I got last year was just a fluke. Lucky I’d been standing this whole time because suddenly I noticed a nice buck moving at a good pace thru the woods. When I first noticed the buck he was probably only 40 yds away, so I instantly pulled back my Mathews Switchback, as there was only one shooting lane available as he was making his way to the set aside field. As soon as he reached the lane I stopped him at 25 yds with a quick grunt. As soon as I shot I knew it was a solid hit. The buck when bolting out into the field where my buddy Matt could see. He thought he had a “shooter” coming his way until he noticed the “death run”.

I called Matt to relay the story, and let him know that I’d hang around in the stand for another hour or so as to not disturb anything. No more than 15 min later an even larger buck came down that same path as the one I just shot! It was so big that for the next 45 min I kept second guessing myself that maybe the buck I shot wasn’t that nice. That buck went out into the field and found my buck that I shot…stood over it and kept coming back to it for about a half hour. I thought for sure Matt was going to get a shot at him. Unfortunately, Matt had to work that day and had to get going. But it was a great day to be hunting…the deer were moving for sure and my Switchback performed to perfection once again.

Thanks for a great bow Mathews!
Chris Crawford

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