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Second ten point in 2003 Feather Max strikes again Image
Location: Westchester County New YorkAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Second ten point in 2003 Feather Max strikes again

January 16, 2004 by Steve Monteleone

This is the second ten point buck I took in 2003. I put my stand up over a frsh scrape line that I found at mid-day on November 9th. At 3:00 PM I returned to the stand and settled in for the afternoon hunt. I saw one small basket racked 8 point at 4:10 PM and after he passed by I started calling with my Primos Great Big Can. At 4:20 I heard a deer approaching from the rear, so I stood up and took my bow off the hook. Just as I turned forward the deer appeared directly below my stand. I steped forward, drew the bow, and took a straight down shot. The arrow passed completely through, the buck dropped 70 yards from my stand. I do love my Feather Max.

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