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Location: MassachusettsAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Second Chance

November 21, 2011 by Brian Riley

Nov 14th 2011 at 3 in the afternoon I settled in my stand in the swamp bottom. The wind was from the South which was perfect for this stand. The swamp was very quiet that night nothing was moving. I had just sent a text to my friend who was hunting as well, as how the dead the swamp was.
3:45 I see this big deer headed my way at 80 yards on a small ridge. At 50 yards he dropped down into a saddle on the ridge and disappeared. I grabbed my grunt tube and let him have a deep aggressive grunt. At 55 yards he was back in sight on the other side of the ridge. He was slow walking away at 60 yards. I thought what a shame that he is going to walk by me. At that moment I raise and pulled back my Matthews EZ7 and put the 40 yard pin on this deer quarting away from me. He was now at 60 yards, no way I never have even shot that kind of distance fooling around at the range. In front of the deer was a huge mature pine tree, I settled my 40 yard pin on the tree and raised the bow for a quess at the elevation needed to hit it. I watched the arrow fly like it was in slow motion. Over the ridge and whack right in the middle of the pine tree. The deer just about jumped out of its skin and did a 180 degree turn on a full blast hop and run. The deer settled on top or the ridge at 40 yards standing there looking back at what had just happened. At that moment I new I was going to have a second chance at a shot. The buck started slow walking along the ridge. He stopped full broadside at 35 yards. I had already nocked another arrow which I dont remember doing. I pulled back and settled the 30 yard pin on him holding right in the middle just behind the shoulder.I let arrow #2 fly and saw it smack the deer right in the boiler room. He took off flying and I saw the arrow fling out and up from the deer. I watched him run down the ridge and into a saddle where seconds later I heard the crash into the brush. I got down to inspect the arrow, it was broken off but definately in the money. I tracked the blood for about 75 yards and there lay a 234lb drop tine buck.
I have to say that it was the Matthews EZ7 that gave me the confidence to make those kinds of shots. I have spent many hrs at the range and I was always pleased at how straight and consistant the bow shot. When dressing the deer I found the broad head had hit the heart directly in the middle and was stopped by the far shoulder.
Thanks to Matthews I have had another great season.


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