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Ron Murphy

October 14, 2005 by

Hi Guys, just returned from my Brown Bear trip and had a ball. I flew into Bethel and hunted with Renfro Alaskan Adventures,It was a 1 on 1 hunt with guide Terry Mangold. On the 3rd day of the hunt Sept 12, We spotted a Bear feeding on open Tundra. We were hunting in the Southern Aucklund Mts about 20 miles from the coast. After a long stalk to get the wind right we were able to close the distance using natural contours and alder patches to about 40 yards, he then fed closer and finally saw us, he came directly towards us and stopped at 11 paces. I will always remember the swinging head and foamy mouth and that pigeon toed walk as he came right at us. He stopped at 11 paces and stared at us for what seemed like 5 to 7 seconds. The next move was his, if he came any closer he would catch lead, if he turned left or right he would catch an arrow.
He turned left to leave and caught the arrow with a good solid hit, I couldnt tell if it was a double lung or a lung liver hit becaues he was in motion turning during the shot. He made it to the heavy alders about 100 yds away looked at us and went into them. We waited 1&1/2 hrs and then followed a good blood trail into the heavy alders. We found him about 40 yds into the Alders dead. What an Adrenalin rush, absolutely the most exciting bowhunt I`ve ever made in 45 years of bow hunting. He squared out close to 9 ft and his skull measured 25 6/16 at the ADFG when they sealed the skull and skin in Bethel.

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