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Rattled in twice in one morning! Image
Location: Manhattan KansasAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Rattled in twice in one morning!

November 8, 2003 by Jared Wisdom

On a crisp early November morning in Northeast Kansas, I rattled my antlers at first light. Seconds later a nice 10 point buck came trotting in from upwind. He was making his way towards me at a cautious but, steady pace. I got in kind of a hurry and took the first shot that presented itself. I judged him at 40 yards. I drew back and let an arrow fly. The arrow missed high over his back. I was sick to my stomach. I used my rangefinder to find out he was actually at 33 yards. He just flipped his tail and walked calmly up the river from which he came. A few hours later, feeling disgusted with myself, I decided to pack it up, and go home. On my way out I thought I should go try a stand 600 yards from my other in the direction the deer came from. I sat in the stand and banged the rattling antlers together. Before I could set the antlers down, the same deer from earlier in the morning came busting through the timber at me again! He worked his way around the clearing for a perfect 20 yard shot. My new Mathews LX made a perfect pass through shot and stuck. He went about 75 yards and expired. This was definitely a day to remember!!

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